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Ensuring Effective and Quality Drug Treatment in FDCs


Ensuring Effective and Quality Drug Treatment in FDCs – The collaborative model of the Family Drug Court requires shared common understandings across systems including the judicial system and laws as they pertain …


Are There Any Treatment Centers for Depression in Florida? if So, Can You Give Me the Names?

Question by RNM: are there any treatment centers for depression in florida? if so, can you give me the names?
i’m very depressed, i need help, and i don’t want to have to take drugs. i want to find somewhere, kind of like a rehab center except for depression, where i can get better and start to be myself again. HELP.

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Answer by Hopefully Helpful
It would be a good idea to ask your Primary Care doctor. I hope you will find the treatment you need so you can feel better. Good Luck.

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Drug Addiction Ontario CA | Detox Ontario CA | Treatment Center Ontario CA


Drug Addiction Ontario CA | Detox Ontario CA | Treatment Center Ontario CA – http://ontario.drugalcoholrehabprogram.org/drug-rehabilitation-ontario-ca/ Detox Ontario utilizes safe and medically proven methods, providing a customized p…


Drug Court graduates thank program for success

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When we started adding increased treatment and community service work and increased drug screenings, that's what really started to keep our retention rates,” Thompson said. Raised by Hell's Angels in California and a drug addict since her teens, Boggs …
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How Was That New Show John From Cincinnati?

Question by d: how was that new show john from cincinnati?
the show that permired after the sopranos.

would a 15 year old guys be intrested in it?

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Answer by thursty4truth
yea it was oddly and wierdly interesting but it focuses on several diffrent age groups a grand father a son and a grandson so i can see how it would be for all those ages!definitly for a teenager !!!

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My Brother Has a Major Drug Problem, Does Anyone Know of a Good Treatment Center in Florida That Is Low Cost?

Question by rms2323: My brother has a major drug problem, Does anyone know of a good treatment center in Florida that is low cost?
My brother is 30 years old and has been an addict since he was 13. Over this time period I would say he’s collectively had about 2 years sobriety, I am 26 and a recovering addict for a little over 4 years now. My father passed away 2 years ago from methadone overdose. So I know the right things to do, I’ve been in plenty of rehabs. Here’s the problem, my Mom and my Sister-in-law are in complete denial and the worst enablers, and my brother is super slick and manipulative, so he gets whatever he wants. We own a family restaurant so we all work together and it’s to the point where my brothers actions are affecting our business. He’s been arrested twice in the last 6 months…once for hitting me (which my family sided with him…CRAZY…this is how in denial they are), and the second for numerous narcotic felony charges and possibly a gun charge (if his record is not clean of a felony he got 10 years ago). The drugs he’s been taking consist of aderrall, clonopin, HIGH STEROID ABUSE, blood pressure meds, some drug called molly, possibly bath salt, and now I think he’s back on opiates(roxys). He’s kind of a special case because of the steroid abuse. My family is now starting to agree with me that he needs help but we dont know where to begin. $ 10,000 we can afford, but anything over that is pushing it. I wish I could call Dr. Drew right now, but I cant so I need help. I live in Fort Myers, and the treatment centers here aren’t that great. PLEASE ANY HELP I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE…WE ARE AT OUR LAST STRAW

What Tattoo Should I Get for Overcoming an Obstacle in My Life?

Question by : what tattoo should i get for overcoming an obstacle in my life?
i have overcame drug addiction and alcoholism.

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Answer by Courtney
If that means alot to you, try and think of something, or a symbol, that has helped you through it. maybe on the day you relized you wanted to change you heard a specific quote, and saw a particular flower…

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One Man's Campaign to Stop the Revolving Door in Washington's Prisons

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