Questionnaire About Psychology of Drug Addiction/recovery?

Question by xSweetiex07: Questionnaire about psychology of drug addiction/recovery?
I am doing a service learning project, and my mom is an active member of Narcotics Anonymous, so I thought I could ask her friends (that are in the program) some questions about their recovery. I need help thinking of questions to ask and how I would be able to tie them into the psychology aspect of my class. Thanks.

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Answer by Twickd
You can ask them, when they are tempted to use once again, what emotions/thoughts brought them to that urge? This goes with psychology as most recovering drug addicts will feel the need to use, when they become “bored” are around others who use, think of old times when they used, are depressed…there are many different reasons. BUT asking this to a group of recovering addicts will definitely give you some good resources for your project.

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