Q371DVD Drug Addiction


Q371DVD Drug Addiction – For more information about this video visit tmwmedia.com In this program we see and hear from teens and adults who describe how their lives were ruined because of drug dependency. Dreams can be shattered, lives can be ruined and overcoming addiction can be a life-time process. Teens and young adults describe the downward spirals their lives took after continued use of illegal substances, the effect it took on their families, how it fast tracked their lives into lives of crime and how in some cases it left many living on the streets. Teens learn that there is no discrimination when it comes to drug dependence. Hard-hitting testimonials from teens and young adults illustrate the potential life-altering damage done by substance abuse use, the struggle to get and stay clean, what it means to live a life free of drugs and the reality that it can happen to anyone who chooses to experiment with drugs. Subjects covered include: Drug addiction and dependence, The effects of drug use, The consequences of living a life of drug dependence, How drugs can take a toll on a teens life, Overcoming temptation and desire, Drug treatment and rehab programs


Health Scan

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Caffeine has long been linked to adverse effects in pregnant women, prompting many expectant mothers to give up coffee and tea. But for those who cannot … Web addicts' withdrawal like coming off drugs. When heavy Internet users go offline, they …
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Understanding Drug Courts

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Dr. Leo Kadehijan is a biomedical consultant who provides oversight of the U.S. Federal Courts' onsite drug testing programs. He explained addiction and its effect on the behavior of the addict in drug court. He also spoke about challenges associated …
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Prevention efforts focused on youth reduce prescription abuse into adulthood

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“However, their abuse can have serious consequences, including addiction or even death from overdose. We are especially concerned about prescription drug abuse among teens, who are developmentally at an increased risk for addiction.” Prescription drug …
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