Pursuing a Career in Teaching in MN With a Criminal Record?

Question by Kareem H: Pursuing a career in teaching in MN with a criminal record?
I am a thirty year old recovering drug addict and alcoholic. In 2006 and 2005 i was arrested for shoplifting on three different occasions and was convicted for gross misdeamenor theft on all three charges. I stole to support an out of control heroin addiction. I graduated from the University of Mn twin cities campus with a degree in applied economics in 2001. After school my drinking and drugging spun out of control and by 2004 i was a full fledged heroin addict homeless living on the streets of minneapolis. After i was arrested the third time i was jailed and while awaiting trial i was furlowed to a drug and alcohol treatment center. After completing the treatment i went to live in a christian based sober house where I found god and jesus came into my heart. This experience has forever changed my life. I have been sober for over one year now. Before moving to the sober house i was an agnostic and i did not know god. I am curios if i could be a teacher in mn with my record?

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Answer by anotherguy
I hope not. I wouldn’t want you around my kids. If the only options you see in life are fundamentalism and heroin addiction I wouldn’t want you around anyone’s kids.

Why do you want to be a teacher?

The serious answer is to talk to a lawyer. You won’t get a serious answer here.

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