Prank Call 6 – Gambling Addiction Helpline


Prank Call 6 – Gambling Addiction Helpline – Here is another prank call that me and ross did today, it’s hilarious haha, especially ross’s pathetic voice at the start, and the bit where me and ross shout out random stuff


My addict son is ruining his life on drugs

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He's an addict and he needs professional help. Sometimes addicts have to hit rock bottom and lose everything before they can get that help. They also need to admit they need advice. They have to want to get better first, yet he's not asking you for …
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Needham Times guest column: We can all help prevent suicides

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Similarly, alcoholism and other drug addictions are related to and may be risk factors for suicide. Counseling, frequently combined with medication, is usually successful in treating depression and drug addiction. We can all play an important part in …
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Addiction service changes won't save cash – Minister

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Health Minister David Anderson says appointing the Alcohol Advisory Service to help those with drug and gambling problems won't save his department much money. The move, announced yesterday, comes after the Drug Advisory Service and Helpline had …


You bet your life

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The gambler's sense of isolation, says Whyte, is compounded by the “vast disparity of resources” devoted to treating the various forms of addiction. “A problem gambler can find it much harder to get help,” he says. “Some people don't even know it's …
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