Omaha Police vs. Ticket Scalpers.?

Question by physical_graffiti402: Omaha Police vs. Ticket Scalpers.?
College World Series is in town. And it seems that the law cracks down tougher during the College World Series when it comes to ticket scalping. There was a guy who got busted for scalping tix out of his home. My question is, why did the OPD draw their guns, used a battle ram at this dude’s house over ticket scalping? Not drugs, not guns, but baseball tickets. I think the LAPD would think that this was excessive. What is the reason for this??
Why was “raid type” tactics used to bust somebody for ticket scalping.

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Answer by todd212
Maybe the police took this action because of the house and/or neighborhood surroundings.

The bottom line is the police were doing this to protect themselves.

They, as anyone, would rather be safe than sorry in this situation.

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