Omaha Drug Treatment: Surgery, Drugs, and Boot Camps – Is This It for Fat Loss Options?

What will you find when you do a search for fat loss options? Doctor’s offices selling lipo, med-spas with the “next big” drugs and lots of boot camps. Even more horrifying are the “medically-supervised” centers that mostly seem to sell over-priced supplements and a starvation diet. Come on and offer something more than this, someone!

I would applaud anyone who is actively seeking fat loss options, of course. I do understand the despair and depression that women can feel when struggling with weight issues. But liposuction is definitely not a great answer. Weight loss surgery is an incredibly invasive approach (I don’t care if they put “non-invasive” in the commercials.) that does nothing more than treat the symptoms and not the cause. I have a friend that did it years ago. First of all, she did NOT need it. I wonder at the ethics of that. What small amount of fat she had removed came flying right back. Then she paid more attention to her diet and she’s remained her trim self since. She never needed to fork over $ 6K for that.

HCG is the next big thing now. I don’t pretend to understand it in detail, but I do know that originally this treatment had a dietary protocol that was not optional. I wonder if that is being followed nowadays. I haven’t heard mention of it.

That leaves us with the bootcamps. I’m not anti-bootcamp at all, actually, but I know (being a trainer myself) how hard it is for people to get to the trainings consistently. And my only complaint would be that many are sorely lacking any nutritional guidance or accountability. I’ve personally been guilty of the faulty thinking, “I worked out. I can eat whatever I want.” HA! Maybe in my twenties. If you are a woman in your 40s or 50s, though, forget it. Bummer, I know.

I truly feel that there needs to be fat loss option that incorporates an integrative approach. An integrative approach would include powerful, quick muscle-building workouts, healthful dietary habit development, flexible scheduling, accountability and support, and even relaxation training. All of these factors together create a foundation for lasting healthy lifestyle, not just fat loss.

Sadly, most of the fat loss options offered these days are not actively addressing more than one area at a time. A gym offers exercise, the spa offers supplements. Who’s offering to seriously get you results by addressing exercise, nutrition, emotions, and relaxation? Who is giving support and guidance? Who’s asking about your liver function? Or thyroid? Who is truly offering you a better lifestyle, yes, by being thinner, but also being healthier and more energetic and vibrant? Because don’t you really want it all? I do.

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