My Mother Is Trying to Send Me to a Christian Based Teen Drug Abuse Treatment Center!!!?

Question by Laila Falen Marie: My mother is trying to send me to a christian based teen drug abuse treatment center!!!?
Some information about myself : Well I am 17 and living in Trinidad (TT) ,I was born and partially raised in america ,but then we ended up moving to brazil when I was 5 (where my mother is originally from) ,then when I was 10 we moved back to the states ,And then finally when I was 14 we moved here; to Trinidad & Tabago.

I’ve had my share with drug abuse and currently doing minor drugs (Weed,Ecstasy,Alcohol) ,I will admit that.Do I want help? No. Am I going to have to get help? Sadly Yes. I am still legally a minor and if my mother wants me to go ,I have no other choice.

My problem is she is trying to send me to a treatment facility that is very religious ,and they try to teach and preach etc. I do not believe in god ,I dont believe in any of these man made religions.It’s nonsense ,it’s fairy tales,there’s no factual proof of his existence.I’ve come to an understanding of this ever since I was little,so this isn’t some “phase” or “cool” as some may say. I know what’s reality and not reality , many others are either stuck or just not in touch with reality and want to believe in God or Allah ,because there simply scared that there might be a “hell”,I really don’t blame them it stems from society ,there brain washed.

Anyway If I put up a fight ,I’m going to be detained by police and taken there,so it really doesn’t matter , because like i said I have no choice.

How can I try to make my mother at least place me at a drug abuse center that is not religious ?

I do not want to be stuck in a place for like 3 months and being told I need to allow god into my life, having to explain to mindless sheep as to why I don’t believe in there “god” etc.

I need advice from fellow atheists. Please 🙁

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Answer by me
just stop using drugs

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