My Brother Keeps Stealing My Cigarettes and Stealing Money to Buy Cigarettes, How Can I Get Him Back?

Question by Must Simmons: My brother keeps stealing my cigarettes and stealing money to buy cigarettes, how can I get him back?
He got addicted to cigarettes recently and keeps stealing my cigarettes, as well as money for him to support the habit. A pack of Marlboros or Newports costs about 11 dollars here in NYC. Would it be acceptable to punch him in the face even though he’s only 14?
I know cigarettes are bad but this is not the point. I don’t actually smoke them, I just sell them and hold them for friends. I only smoke marijuana and drink alcohol.

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Answer by Natalie Amani
I bet you half the people here are going to yell at you… But its not their life so don’t worry. I don’t know what peoples problem is with commenting just to yell at you..
But anyways.
The only thing you can do is hide them. Keep your money safe, hide your cigarettes or keep them close to you so he cant get his hands on them. Let him overcome his addiction himself, or suffer alone. If you hit him or something, he has the right to file it in for abuse or something because he’s under 18.

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