Jason Peter’s Road Back From Addiction


Jason Peter’s Road Back from Addiction – An interview with Jason Peter about his career with the NFL and his road back from addiction.


Chicago decriminalizes pot

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Opponents fear it will produce an explosion of drug abuse. … Fourteen states have already decriminalized pot, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, including conservative ones like Alaska, Mississippi and Nebraska.
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Court rejects medicinal marijuana argument

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LINCOLN — A Nebraska judge has rejected an effort by one of the 1960s' original Yippies to get drug-delivery charges against him dropped because he maintains he was hauling marijuana for a good reason: to help AIDs and cancer sufferers on the East …
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Jonathan Narcisse: Why I am staying with the NAACP

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… the resignation of the Rev. Keith Ratliff of Des Moines as the president of the Iowa/Nebraska Conference of the NAACP, which followed the national board's decision to support gay marriage as a civil right, I have been asked by several members of …
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23 Responses to Jason Peter’s Road Back From Addiction

  • drbayoms says:

    The Huskers of this era were nothing but thugs, drug? addicts and abusers of women. Non-talented bums who used cocaine and steroids to compete against better talent.
    Nothing but thugs.

  • sendittobryce says:

    No they’re not…….what are you, a Dr.? Seizures come from alcohol or benzo withdrawal…..very likely he was trying to quit? using benzos and ran out……..

  • wedontgiveadamn says:

    His story? would be more compelling if he didn’t have a whiny, bitchy tone

  • BleedHuskerRed2011 says:


  • myMockingbird8416 says:

    @RiCkYGx503x he admitted to? having convulsions, which are seizures. seizures are a symptom of cocaine use. so shut up.

  • mikeHBlocal says:

    I highly doubt he was high in this interview, I know the man? and he busted his ass to stay clean even when coaching. He might look that way but thats what years of hard drugs does to a person. And you might have seen this interview but you havent seen the HBO special on him where he taked openly about his drug use and he came out with a book about his drug use. How is that “frontin” if he already admitted it? Love you coach

  • NewYorkerForGood says:

    my? hero

  • mamagh08 says:

    I agree with one of the comments below – he is high in this interview. He continues to sniffle and has a spaced look in his? eye. In another interview he looks and appears completely different. I read his book and thought it was really honest – he openly discusses his crack use along with the heroin. What he is saying here is that it started with pain pills and escalated. Read the book……

  • wuckit says:


  • CabooseUnited says:

    Stop talking you fucking.. i know him as a player so stop talking you pice of? shit!

  • 666ThaScarecro666 says:

    In my opinion he was a fuckin bust. You ever heard of that? Brady quinn didnt do drugs or was every seriously injured. But hes a god damn bust. Get? over it.

  • 666ThaScarecro666 says:

    Sounds like hes justifying him sucking ass in? the NFL because of his recreational drug abuse.

  • VicInNocal says:

    That’s what happens when you get off the? ‘roids.

  • huskerfan4life says:

    Jason Peter’s book is freaking awesome! I couldn’t put it down. He is? so honest about everything. His time at Nebraska was awesome too.

  • huskermaniac28 says:

    penn state didnt even beat oregon by that much. only by 18 points, and oregon had 3 losses before they played penn state. thats ridiculous that? people think 94 penn state should be considered as one of the best. OVERRATED

  • huskermaniac28 says:

    give me a break, penn state won their bowl game against 9-4 oregon 38-20. they wouldnt? have beaten nebraska, and they certainly arent the best ever (they definitely wouldnt have beaten 95 nebraska!)

  • buddhak0n says:

    Where’s the book that admits that Nebraska wasn’t really the National Champs in 1994? Cry me a river.

    Of course you can lead a normal life after being sick. The Only losers are those who continue on that path.

    Hope he’s doing well.?

  • swoj53 says:

    great man? great story

  • DrummerJ7 says:

    This book is amazing?

  • nostandards4life says:

    This story NEEDS to be? made into a movie

  • huskersfan1 says:

    the book is great, it really pumps you up?

  • jlfahrer says:

    He sounds different too. If you watch Husker Century his voice is deeper. But? then again, that documentary was taped when he was using at an all-time high.

  • nikh54 says:

    Read the book in 3 days. Wore? 55 in high school because of Jason and Christian. I have nothing but the highest respect for ’em.

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