Is It Too Soon, Again?

Question by EB in CT: Is it too soon, again?
I met my first husband when I was 19. Married when I was 23. After 8 years of marriage, 12 years together, we separated and eventually divorced 08/2001. I met my second husband really soon. He was only the second man I dated after my first husband. After two years of dating, we married. Four years later, we are separated and I have filed for divorce. Each circumstance of divorce for each marriage was nothing I could control. My first marriage ended due to a very traumatic situation that happened in our family. In my second marriage, my husband turned to drugs and is presently in a drug rehab center.
I am now dating again. It is only the second man I have dated after my second husband. My friends and family are telling me it is too soon. That I am making the same mistake I made after my first marriage. I have not given myself a chance to heal or get to know MYSELF. How do I know when the time is right? I don’t feel I NEED a man in my life to complete me. HELP.
EB in CT

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Answer by glaze
yes ur family is right. u dont ned to be hurry to tie a knot again and suffer same consequence jst enjoy dating and give urself a time to heal ask guidance to our dear Lord that he will give u the right husband for u.

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