Is It a Nebraska Law if a New Mother Admits She Used Drugs While Preg. That Her Child Is Removed for 30 Days?

Question by tranquilia05: Is it a Nebraska law if a new mother admits she used drugs while preg. that her child is removed for 30 days?
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Answer by melamom
I hope so. I also hope it is longer than 30 days. That is completely stupid! It is bad enough to use drugs in the first place, but if you put your baby in harms way just so you can get high then they need to take him/her away. You are lucky if you didn’t damage the baby while getting your kicks.

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Bruning urges FDA to appeal lethal injection drug ruling

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Nebraska prison officials bought a supply of the drug made by Swiss company Naari, which has since said it does not want its drugs used in executions. Leon said the FDA's actions were "contrary to law, arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion.
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Nebraska's Stop-Sale System Achieves Significant Quarterly Results In Battle

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"NPLEx is just three months old in Nebraska and already the real-time, stop-sale system is yielding significant results," said Charles F. Cichon, executive director of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI).
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Ruling clouds Nebraska's use of lethal injection drug

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Nebraska's planned use of a lethal injection drug made by an overseas manufacturer was thrown in doubt Tuesday following a ruling by a federal judge in Washington. US District Judge Richard Leon said the Food and Drug Administration ignored the law in …
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stand your ground on this issue and put this drug to good useuse it now on everyone on death row -just take… – by stevencox010663 (steven d cox)


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share FEDS order surrender of NE lethal injection drug.AG Jon Bruning defends it use even tho it’s illegal in US – by DanielChristen7 (Daniel Christensen)


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