Is Al-Anon for Families of Drug Addicts?

Question by Lee: Is Al-Anon for families of drug addicts?
I need to find a support group but I am not sure which one is the right one. My son is abusing drugs. Our family needs help.

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Answer by Patricia C
No, it’s for recovering alcoholics.

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The BryanLGH Independence Center: Support for Families – For Pat Novak, the BryanLGH Independence Center has provided substance abuse treatment to her loved ones, but it has also provided her with the tools she needs to communicate and live with people struggling with addiction. She shares the story of her family’s journey toward recovery, and the importance of a facility like the Independence Center. For more information or to support the Independence Center, please visit


Fundraiser to help fight substance abuse in Oklahoma

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Substance abuse costs all Oklahomans, not just addicts and their families. “About $ 7 billion a year is spent in Oklahoma dealing with the fallout from substance abuse issues,” said Jim Priest, executive director of Fighting Addiction Through Education …


Dave Eggers Seeks More Awareness for Drug Abuse

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Our Social Services Committee has created a “211” directory of contacts for our residents, and this committee could further help educate families of this “silent” drug problem that is happening in many of our homes. I think we need to continue reaching …


Helping Families With Positive Messages About Substance Abuse Prevention

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It was a strong reminder that trends in drug and alcohol abuse are constantly changing, requiring constant vigilance. Here in Union County we are more resolved than ever to help parents provide their children with positive experiences that encourage …
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NIDA Launches New Tool for Parents

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To help promote National Substance Abuse Prevention Monty, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has released a new tool for parents aimed at helping them develop positive parenting skills. The new online resource is aimed at helping parents keep …
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