Internet Addiction?

Question by worried: Internet addiction?
I just want to admit i am addicted to internet.I am about to appear for professional licensure exam which is supposed to be the toughest, so i stay home and study but my addiction is so bad that i had to ask my husband to put a Parental control on net access and lock it. Today he just left it on by mistake and went to sleep and i have already wasted 3 hrs without studying a single word. Anyone going thru this? Any ideas? God help me.
yeah i should probably probably go to sleep.BTW is there any Rehab program..cuz i will be needing one.
Thanks ya’ll

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Answer by white SNO bunny
nosH!t mee 2….i have a exam too..i have to get off the YA…
seriously…advice…is to just think…i have to move on and do well..want to fail and retake the exam? not helping me but i hope it helps u…

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Internet addiction rehab helps students kick the habit – SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: Internet addiction has become a serious issue among young students in Taiwan, at least that’s what Taiwanese politicians are saying. To prevent “deviant behavior” and other social issues resulted to internet addiction among students, the government has introduced internet addiction rehab for kids. Carol’s Facebook: Facebook: Webpage: Twitter @nmatv: Tumblr: According to a study from National Changhua University of Education, 20 percent of Taiwanese students are internet addicts, just slightly behind South Korea, which has the worst internet addiction rate for children in Asia. Withdraw symptoms can occur if addicts are prevented from going online. Psychotherapy and medical treatment may be required to assist the process of rehabilitation.


Internet addiction to be added to the list of serious mental disorders

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Another psychologist, Emil Hodzic, who runs a video game addiction treatment clinic in Sydney, said he was concernedcbecause of what he saw as growing demand from frustrated parents and damaged children. He said he was seeing clients as young as …
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Internet addiction is the plague of the 21st century

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Scientists are determined to continue their research in order to establish a cure for this type of addiction. Thus it is a matter of time before they establish a way of helping Internet-addicts. Because despite the danger it contains the World Wide Web …
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@DocJohnG Hi, John.I need help with my psych project on Internet Addiction and depressive indicators. Please tell me you can help me! Thanks – by MahnoorSShaikh (Mahnoor Shaikh)


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@SafiIsmail Program dia dalam internet, basically to help your tounge reduce the addiction to carbs. Google gmdietworks~ – by nymq (EZ)


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@RolyUnGashaa Perhaps, but that’s what the internet and your fans are for, to help fuel the addiction XD – by Yuki_Kisama (Yuki)


21 Responses to Internet Addiction?

  • blazegirl says:

    He needs to help us all but it helps me to get stuff off my mind.

  • Story Junkie says:

    You’re just procrastinating.

  • alan_district says:

    There is nothing wrong with procrastinating. Some people need the pressure from leaving it until the last moment to be able to perform at their peak.

  • singularity says:

    If your studies does not require computer access, then move to another room or the public library. Use the internet as a break to relax your mind every two hours or so, but be disciplined to limit your break duration.

  • Manisha says:

    well first of all you shud have gud concentration and determination to do something like studying. if you’re so addicted and cant live without internet you’d better study outside the house or lock your computer room or just remove your computer connection. anyways gud luck for your exam and happy studying!!

  • iwondersoiask says:

    join the club. each morning when i wake up, i go straight to my computer. i try not to, but i am drawn to it like a magnet. it may be an addiction, but hey, there’s worse addictions out there, believe me. i have wondered how i ever got along without it, and am very distressed if i can’t spend at least 4-5 hours per day on line. there’s just so much information out there, it’s like i HAVE to read it all. then when i find what it is i’m looking for, i find something else that distracts me and i’m off to an entirely different site to check it out. before you know it, i’ve spent 3 hours and forgot what i was looking for in the first place. really, is it such a bad thing, to be addicted to the computer? as long as you take care of your other responsibilities, you can look forward to your “fun” time on the computer. that’s really all i can say because i don’t think it’s a bad enough problem to be bothered with considering the drama that everyday life brings. as long as you are not doing anything illegal, why worry about it?

  • nori says:

    all guys are

  • Kari says:

    just get off now and switch off the computer and try to stay far far far faaaaaaaaarr away from the computer…

  • curious says:

    Yeah. I’ve got stuff I really need to be doing. That’s not even counting sleeping. I have an addictive personality anyway. I put things off until I just have to do them or am late doing them and if it wasn’t the PC it would be reading and I don’t put myself to sleep reading either. I read ’till after daylight. When I get on this thing I just don’t get off. Don’t know. At least you’re not by yourself.
    Well, I’ll look at it like this. I could be doing a lot worse things than sitting quietly in my apt.(not counting the Yahoo radio) punching on the keys. Sorry I wasn’t a bit more optimistic.

  • RedMusicSinging says:

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  • Tokyorosebiz says:

    Check out my place by? TOKYO ROSE then you will see what happens to you when you use your computer too much

  • SantomPh says:

    click the CC for English subs. And they are speaking Mandarin? with Taiwan accent.

  • DarkPanthera says:

    um Is that all? I spend 42 hours an? hour

  • Ristar85 says:

    lame crap just cheating ppl’s money.

    so, people werent violent before the? invention of computers?

    like i said, this is lame.

  • PaulthePhilosopher2 says:

    Over two? minutes!

  • Taitsu says:

    Am I the only one who laughed at “slightly behind South? Korea”?

  • TheKalimanMX says:

    yeah,i keep hearing? about all those violent crimes being commited because of internetz adiction and violent videagayms,this is SRS BSNS!

  • iamspleen says:

    Video game addiction i will concede happens sometimes. But addiction to? the internet? No.

  • Malady says:

    RIP Lianne? – you will be missed

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