If You Want to Prove to the Courts That a Parent Is Using Drugs, to Get Full Custody,?

Question by Sexy Bitch: If you want to prove to the courts that a parent is using drugs, to get full custody,?
what proof do you have to show the courts. Do you know of any cases regarding this I can find? We live in Nebraska.

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Answer by jeeps r us
Motion for a hair test, and psych eval’s.

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3 Responses to If You Want to Prove to the Courts That a Parent Is Using Drugs, to Get Full Custody,?

  • red_neck_chickey says:

    Good luck . I have been trying to prove it for years with my x . I may be lucky though he finally has gotten arrested 4 times in the last 2 months for violence. Fortunately he was intoxicated and under the influence when arrested

  • scottclear says:

    Despite the Brittney case, drug abuse alone does not determine custody. There are a multitude of factors, and the Court generally is charged with placing custody where it would be in the best interest of the child.

    Part of the problem with drug cases is that they are rarely one-sided. Both parents normally engage in some form of drug abuse where it exists as part of the lifestyle in the family unit. The custody argument becomes a he-said/she-said swearing match. Lots of accusations, very little evidence. However, convictions would be acceptable evidence.

    “Full custody” normally means one parent has custody, while the other parent has visitation privileges. If you mean that you want to terminate the other parent’s parental rights, the bar to get over that hurdle is extremely high.

    Generally the kinds of things the court looks at are: living arrangements, schools, family support systems, childcare facilities, medical care, emotional stability, and others.

    ** Note: This is a general discussion of the subject matter of your question and not legal advice. Local laws or your particular situation may change the general rules. For a specific answer to your question you should consult legal counsel with whom you can discuss all the facts of your case. **

  • Lioness says:

    My ex was a daily pot smoker as well as a dealer. The first time I asked for a drug test – his side refused. That gave him time to stop smoking so when the judge ordered a drug test – he was found clean. Also, I had to get one as well – just because . I can tell you it’s degrading and they cut off a sizeable chunk of hair. Of course, mine was clean as I don’t take anything. Don’t count on this to get custody……sorry.

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