I Need to Know How to Find Drug Rehabs in Valencia, California. Help?

Question by breeanna f: I need to know how to find drug rehabs in Valencia, California. Help?
We’re given a task in one of our classes wherein we were going to observe and take note of the workings in the insides of an organization. Drug rehab was the topic assigned to me. I need to get more information about treatment methods and how they c0nduct meetings and counseling… I need to know as many drug rehabs in Valencia, California as I can. Help?

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Answer by aimee r
To get a list of the drug rehabs there, you can look through the local yellow pages. The links below will also get to help you. You can also go to the local hospital and ask the staff if they have a list of the drug rehabs in your area. It seems like a challenging task. I hope you do well and get a high grade. Good luck!

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