I Am Being Treated With Suboxone for Opiate Addiction. What to Do With the Anxiety?

Question by it’s me: I am being treated with suboxone for opiate addiction. What to do with the anxiety?
I am doing well but the only thing my counselor has suggested for the anxiety is smoking, lay off caffeine and take advil. None of this seems to help except smoking helps some.

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Answer by lisadivirgilio
would like to know if this subutex really works,,for you,,have same problem but have to work,,do not want to use methadone,,as you have to ease off that after,,,hard to go to all these doctor appointments when have to pay the bills,,,,am wondering how this works,,have been addicted for 4 years and having a real problem getting off the opiates,,the withdrawls are horrendous,,,and the money,,I’m sure your aware,,If you could e-mail me and tell me your story would appreciate,,,my whole town has a problem with these and is the new addiction,,,good luck I feel your pain also..

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Intervention Help for Suboxone Addiction – Suboxone Addiction, a very serious issue, should be treated with an Intervention, Detox and Rehab Treatment programs.


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He called on federal agencies to increase research into the syndrome and to encourage more doctors to apply for a waiver that would allow them to prescribe Suboxone or Subutex to treat opioid addiction. Symptoms include irritability, tremors, vomiting, …
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