How to Get Help Getting 12 Year Old Son Out of Court System?

Question by Melinda D: how to get help getting 12 year old son out of court system?
My son zac has been held in jouvinal system for years when they took him he was healthy now he has been abused and pumped full of drugs in the last 5 years there has been no workers or any one else in my home . Every therapist and evale I have taken recomendation is my kid come home but judge ignores the reports. And acts inapropriate outside the courtroom.The casa buys my kids with money and gifts which has been reported to the therapists. Be aware this is the same judge who turned out the omaha mall shooter !When first on the case I was hoping for best intrest but even the phycologist said in his report that we have been let down by the system the judge could not take rights under the law and that realy ticked him off so now they are trying to bully me into signing them away.Their answer is to give custody to another state so they can get around the laws about being too long in the system.Mind you two of my kids never left home and I’m in trouble for messy house.Not abuse!I

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Answer by Moshugari
try looking after your kids

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