How to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Boerne, Texas That Can Handle Cases of Prescription Drug Addiction?

Question by callista t: How to find addiction treatment centers in Boerne, Texas that can handle cases of prescription drug addiction?
I have a friend who happens to be addicted to sleeping pills. It started out as a need because she’s insomniac, but for some reason, she has found a way to experience euphoria from use of the drug. She buys a lot and when I asked her what she uses it for, she even cajoled me to try. I would like to find an addiction treatment center so I can find out more information about this kind of addiction and maybe then I can get someone to talk to her about her condition.

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It seems to me that your friend doesn’t want to get herself treated for her addiction. Maybe you should do an intervention first. To find addiction treatment centers, you can look through the local yellow pages. The links below will get to help you too. Good luck!

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