How to Dicourage Drug Abuse and Pictures of How to Discourage Drug Abuse?

Question by princess C: how to dicourage drug abuse and pictures of how to discourage drug abuse?
pictures of drugs. information on how to discourage drug abuse.

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Answer by sparksnsawdust
beat the druggie children until they wet and soil themselves-then spark up a fattie and tell them you were juss kiddin

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Shock photos show Amanda Bynes 'smoking from a drug pipe'

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"Amanda is refusing to go to rehab or seek any form of psychiatric treatment or diagnosis, because it's clear something is up with her," one said. "She has been told by her agent and her dad Rick that she has substance abuse issues and needs to get help.


Photo show to benefit Tent City

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“I think that anybody could be living on the streets for reasons beyond their control, not necessarily being a drug addict or a drunk, which is how some people perceive it.” Mr. Sandler, who was a tour manager for musicians including Bruce Springsteen …
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Can we trust addiction medication?

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… spiritual journeying in the rehab and recovery industry. Otherwise, it's like “going to an oncology center and getting prescribed a macrobiotic diet instead of chemotherapy,” says Willenbring, who is the founder and CEO of ALLTYR, which provides …
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