How Many of the Homeless People Have Never Done Drugs?

Question by : How many of the homeless people have never done drugs?
I am just wonder are most of them homeless because of drugs or are most of them homeless for reason unrelated to drugs.

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Answer by RedMapler
Not all people are homeless due to drug abuse. Many are mentally ill or may be a combination of both. Especially in this economy, many people and families are evicted or foreclosed. Women and children often run away to the streets to escape an abusive household. It’s difficult to find shelter and government assistance, though increased over time, is not enough.

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1in3 homeless are US veterans – Too often many of the homeless in America are former US military personnel who have fell on hard times, are addicted to medication and drugs or simply just need some help. Joining RT’s Dina Gusovsky Iraq war veteran Adam Kokesh speaks about veterans’ homelessness and the reasons behind it.


Reaching Vets Falling through the Cracks

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SPH has long been a leader in developing web-based screening and intervention programs for substance abuse, including QuitNet, begun in 1995, which has helped millions of people stop smoking, and, which was launched in the early …
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Lynn: New court program helps vets find their way

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Six veterans appeared before the judge Friday, including that gray-haired man in jailhouse garb. Having lost his house and his truck, and knowing that he desperately needs in-patient substance abuse treatment, he practically begged the judge to sign …
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A courtroom created to offer assistance for veterans

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Judge Linda Bell presides over Veteran's Court in District Court. It is now a stand-alone courtroom that grew out of Drug Court. It's been operating on its own for about two months, focusing solely on Veterans with criminal charges to help them get …
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22 Responses to How Many of the Homeless People Have Never Done Drugs?

  • Jessyca H says:

    Most are just hardships that went to far causing them to be homeless. Some are mental issues others are drugs.

  • Barnabus Collins says:

    There are no accurate statistics available on this subject, although there have been studies indicating that in some areas 50% of homeless people are addicted to drugs while 70% of homeless veterans are addicts. Again, I must stress that these are not national statistics, and that oftentimes the drug abuse is the result of homelessness, not the cause.

  • Katey says:

    Most of them are homeless because of economics. Reasons such being poor. They cannot get jobs because they are poor people and don’t have great resumes, then they don’t have an apartment so they become homeless. Some are people with mental illness but few are directly related to drug abuse.

  • fireball39279 says:

    That fucking GBush fucked you guys up. Nobody else!!! If you see that mfucker. Tell him to go fuck himself and his? fucking family….

  • MultiAngryRussian says:

    i thought this was russian? television

  • ImperialGuard9001 says:

    It isnt Iraq Iran North Korea or whatver other “boogeyman” that US corrupt elites will create? next to enslave us all the true Axis of evil is US. How a society that treat his veterans like cattle can be a good function human society?

  • MoveOn25 says:

    I have been paying bill while in the Navy, thanks to technology I have been about to so. But I was a man when I went in and I am man once I left. I did handle my addiction and that help so much. I realize the world is? backwards and it is not an institution like the military, that hurts. Go back to school get a degree and continue to help the world, Vets. Bless

  • casinohijack says:

    Vets have got to realize its not there country anymore it never was and never will be they did not sign up to serve this country its? people or the ideas that it was founded on. Our military was sold a big big lie and they all bought it hook line and sinker. The thought they were going to do a good thing they just made the rich richer and gave them more control over the worlds natural resources and enslaving humanity. Military men are just a natural resource to be used and discarded at will.

  • hooah9422 says:

    at about 1:30 the girl got it right. Civilian life is a culture shock. The army and the VA is stretched. Their needs to be a program within the services to make sure the vet is ready to? leave. And to check up on them. I’m not saying give money but encouragement and assistance.

  • 98bigbutt says:

    @DieForTheRich,Hey man. Don’t be a selfish asshole by saying that because the majority of these veterans come from poor neighborhoods and in the past they were drafted but now they send recruiters to these poor high schools and made them go because they know they’re poor and also know that they don’t want to work in the factories for the rest of? their lives and wants to do better and they advantage of that by recruiting.

  • DieForTheRich says:

    fuck them..They asked for it.?

  • 98bigbutt says:

    @dave777blaster,Also you forgot to mention the war in Vietnam. After WWII,it marked the? beginning of the fall of the US Military power that they had in the 2 World Wars. Also you forgot to mentioned the War of 1812.

  • 98bigbutt says:

    @UNTC321,YOU IGNORANT RICH PIECE OF SHIT!!! It’s ok to talk like that when a rich asshole? like you who their daddies buys them out of the army to not fight in the war.

  • 98bigbutt says:


  • Adam Myers says:

    How can you compare american citizens who join the military with the intention of protecting it’s citizens and liberties with people who slaughtered multitudes in the name of ethnic cleansing. Yes civilians have died in the “war on terrorism” but that is the nature of war it may not be pretty but that is the way of things. It is an ugly despicable thing there is no question about it. Just keep in mind if it weren’t these people volunteering it would be your sorry? ass drafted.

  • UNTC321 says:

    The? U.S. did 911. The invasions are illegal. From the Nuremberg Trials we know following orders is no excuse. By definition the troops are WAR CRIMINALS. It can’t be argued otherwise. The Entire Govt. if full of WAR CRIMINALS.

  • Adam Myers says:

    You are ignorant to say such a hateful thing about the troops. Despite the motives of the people in power the soldiers serve their country for the right reasons and you should be ashamed of yourself for making such an unintelligent hateful comment. Especially when you’re obviously too much of a fucktard coward to? serve yourself.

  • UNTC321 says:

    It serves them right. They did? not serve their country, they served the UNITED STATES CORP. Two different things.

  • David Stanley says:

    War? on poverty failure
    war on Korea failure
    war on drugs failure
    war on Iraq failure
    war on Afghanistan failure


  • carameloxx says:


  • Susan stokes says:

    On June 22, 2010, at the White House, USICH announced its Mission . . . “to coordinate the federal response to homelessness and to create a national partnership at every level of government and with the private sector to reduce and end homelessness in the nation while maximizing the effectiveness of the Federal Government in contributing to the end of homelessness.”
    Go to USICH website (.gov) for more? information

  • streetfightspdx says:

    They are criminal scum…?

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