How Many of the Homeless People Have Never Done Drugs?

Question by : How many of the homeless people have never done drugs?
I am just wonder are most of them homeless because of drugs or are most of them homeless for reason unrelated to drugs.

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Answer by RedMapler
Not all people are homeless due to drug abuse. Many are mentally ill or may be a combination of both. Especially in this economy, many people and families are evicted or foreclosed. Women and children often run away to the streets to escape an abusive household. It’s difficult to find shelter and government assistance, though increased over time, is not enough.

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1in3 homeless are US veterans – Too often many of the homeless in America are former US military personnel who have fell on hard times, are addicted to medication and drugs or simply just need some help. Joining RT’s Dina Gusovsky Iraq war veteran Adam Kokesh speaks about veterans’ homelessness and the reasons behind it.


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