Help With Science Project? Increasing Trend of Alcohol, Drug and Smoking Abuse?

Question by Yuppy kid! =P Roxzzz….: Help with science project? increasing trend of alcohol, drug and smoking abuse?
I am supposed to complete this task by 25th June. I have done research on this.

Problem observed:
‘There is an increasing trend of smoking, drug abuse and alcohol abuse among young people in our society today,’

I need to find actual figures to support this statement. e.g charts and figures.
I have tried to find the increasing trend but the trend seems to be decreasing at least that’s what most sites state. Anyone can help me? I need an increase in smoking, drug abuse and alcohol abuse over theese few years. Must be updated. 2005, 2006 or 2007 surveys, polls or research.
i know there is a decreasing trend!!! But I ned evidence for an increasing trend….Oh and it can be from 2000-2007.
help me find either increasing or decreasing and i need figures and charts. MUST be of young people today.

Best answer:

Answer by Yug
Ummm there is actually a decreasing trend…but whatever, good luck.

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Alcohol & Substance Abuse : How Long Do Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Last? – Withdrawal symptoms of alcohol use can last anywhere from a few hours to 10 days, and severe alcoholics can enter into a period of psychosis that lasts for days and months. Learn about the physiological symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, such as nausea and headaches, withhelp from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on alcohol abuse. Expert: David Thomas Contact: Bio: Dr. David Thomas has been certified as a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida since 1986 and in the National Board of Certified Counselors since 1987. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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Um… do I have this right: we can reduce drug abuse by legalizing cannabis and heroin but reduce alcohol abuse by closing the pubs earlier? – by jeffreys_mike (Mike Jeffreys)


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I want to go through a drug addict and alcohol abuse phase followed by a straight edge phase. #characterbuilding – by hammertime02 (Miranda Hammer)


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