Help for How to Get in Drug Rehab?

Question by secretname9: Help for how to get in drug rehab?
am broke no insurance nothing. I live in KY. i need to get in a rehab before i die. i am addicted to pain pills like oxy and vikes i was thinking about acting like i was going to kill myself so i can get some help. AND TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE A STUPID SMART *** COMMENT GROW UP ITS NOT FUNNY WHEN PEOPLES LIVES ARE TAKEN OVER YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE, IF YOU DID YOU WOULDNT THINK SO CRUEL

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Answer by TAT
Follow this link. I am not from Kentucky but am involved in addiction counseling in another state. The key is to keep calling people. Check your phone book. If you are told when you call, that they can’t help you, then make them tell you someone who can. You might also talk to physician to see if he can help you. Until then, try to find an AA or NA meeting in your areas. They can help. You addiction is very miserable but it can managed and you can have a great life again.

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