Has Conservative Commentator Rush Limbaugh Become a National Symbol for Drug Addiction?

Question by enlightenment: Has conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh become a national symbol for drug addiction?
Rush was investigated for illegally obtaining thousands of addictive prescription painkillers. Criminal charges were dropped against him in Florida when he worked out a plea agreement that included a $ 30,000 penalty and continued drug treatment.
Yeah Patrick and Rush can say the serenity prayer together.
You balck and white thinkers must understand a basic fact – just because you criticize the conservatives doesn’t mean you love the liberals… why can’t you get that? Because you are conservatives and liberals are right about you people, total concrete operational thinkers. Bush has you pegged, he knows how to talk to such people, and you buy it hook, line and sinker.
You are right Kennedy is a fat drunk murderer. So what. I am talking about Rush here, admit he too is a fat, drug addicted moron.

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Answer by nighthawk_842003
He was, until that Kennedy kid got high & drunk then tried to drive.

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