Food Addiction?

Question by Michaela Lawson: Food Addiction?
Okay, okay, go ahead and laugh. Say it’s stupid. Yell at me for “trying to be funny” or thinking that I have “real problems.” But I think I’m addicted to food. It’s kind of been scientifically proven that food can be just as addicting as drugs. Or alcohol. Or cigarettes. And I, for one, believe that.

Is there any way to stop the need for food? I mean, during school hours I’m pretty much able to control my eating–just don’t think about it, don’t look at food, don’t bring any food or money to school, don’t hang out with people who have food–but at home, it’s useless. My parents are no help. They tell me to “exercise control,” and yet they buy tons and tons of sweet cereals, junk food, and stuff I can’t stay away from but feel horrible about eating. I need to get away from my environment, but I can’t.

SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE. It’s not funny. I feel awful.

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Answer by Miss.Grossie
Just go on a diet and go to a class that helps with food addcition i am 14 and going to a class it helps and exercise 60 minutes a day

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Stop Eating Junk Food: Addiction Cure And Help – It is more than possible to stop eating junk food. With the right help, junk food can become totally a thing of the past. Sometimes the business of modern living can seem to make eating what has rightly been called junk, the easy option. What can happen all too easily, though, is that people get into the habit of eating rubbish and then continuing to eat it becomes the automatic option, and lo and behold, a habit is born. If you are looking at this then you have probably become fed up (literally) with eating such a lot of poor quality food but have not yet been able to get your head around eating healthily. This is where NLP and hypnosis can be so effective, in making it really easy for you to more automatically choose healthier and more nutritious food. The techniques are rapid, and they are based upon what works, not someones idea of what works. It isnt therapy, we dont talk to you endlessly about why you have a problem with junk food, and neither do we allow you to talk to us endlessly because it simply does not help. What helps is directly training your thinking (and therefore feelings) so that bringing your diet under your control is not only easy, it is fun, too. So get in touch with us, we have clinics in several continents, and learn to stop eating junk food for good.


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The food-equals-tobacco claim has also been a popular topic this year, and New York Times food snob Mark Bittman can't help but use the word “dopamine” to sound like he has a clue about what addiction really is. (“Addiction” is a more appropriate …
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@OliviaaRiveraaa i think I have a food addiction. Help me. – by gab_v23 (Gabby)


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But I cant help it.. Food is my addiction besides piercings & my future tattoos <3 (: - by 44_bri (Bri Gonzales?)


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RT @xoniallerismine: so like im addicted to food omg i need help do they have rehab or something for food addictionby TaylaSpencer56 (Tayla Spencer)