Finding a Cure for Lupus – Project for Awesome 2010 P4A


Finding a Cure for Lupus – Project For Awesome 2010 P4A – I was a little camera shy, and I had to edit out a bit because youtube kept giving me errors, so its not the best quality either. Please read the below information to learn more about what lupus is, and remember to check out other P4A vids on youtube, support a charity of your choosing, no matter what cause it is! Even .00 is helpful! Unfortunately there is no cure for lupus, but I’m hoping we’ll change that one day! ______ A running gag on the television drama House is that patients with hard-to-diagnose symptoms are thought to have lupus — underscoring the difficulty doctors have diagnosing the disease. As the fictional Dr. Gregory House says, “it’s rarely ever lupus.” But what if it is? What is this mysterious disease? Who does it affect? And could you be at risk? General definition of lupus: Lupus (sometimes generically referred to as SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus) is an autoimmune disease, one that takes on several forms and can affect any part of the body, but is most commonly attacks the skin, joints, the heart, lungs, blood, kidneys and brain. Autoimmune diseases are characterized by a malfunction of the immune system one in which the immune system cannot distinguish between the body’s own cells and tissues and that of foreign matter, like viruses. Rather than simply producing antibodies to attack antigens (viruses, bacteria and similar foreign matter), the immune system creates auto-antibodies that attack the immune system itself. When this happens


Hepatitis outbreak in New Hampshire strikes fear in 7 other states

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Asked Wednesday whether anyone in the health care industry ever reported anything about Kwiatkowski, he said: "Many health care practitioners view drug diversion as a problem that requires treatment only. It does require treatment, but it's also …
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Plastic pieces, penny turn up in Penn St ice cream

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The Latest. Omaha names new police chief. OMAHA — Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle has named a veteran police officer as the city's next police chief. …. Can Live a Healthy Life. You can live a healthy life. Our surgeons work in concert with your primary care …
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Mayo Clinic: Jackson has bipolar depression

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2 Omaha bank robberies investigated. Authorities are investigating two bank robberies in Omaha. … It was only earlier this month that Jackson's office said he was at the Rochester, Minn., clinic and being treated for depression, after a transfer from …
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