Eustace Mullins – Who Are the Quacks? the AMA on Trial


Eustace Mullins – Who Are The Quacks? The AMA on Trial – Global Sciences Congress, January 1990, Tampa Florida. “Dean Stonier” “Congressman George Hansen” “William Webster” FBI CIA “Ezra Pound” “Federal Reserve System” “Jekyll Island, November 1910” “Federal Reserve Act 1914” “The World Order” Roosevelts “Woodrow Wilson” “George Bush” “Black Nobility” “The Curse of Canaan” ” A Writ for Martyrs” “FBI file” “J. Edgar Hoover” “mental institution” “Murder by Injection” “Dr. Emanuel Josephson” “Your Life is their toy” “Morris Bealle” “homeopathic remedy” “The Rockefellers controlled all of the major drug companies” “Dr. Robert Mendelsohn” “The church of modern medicine has four holy waters, which are vaccination, fluoridation, silver nitrate and intravenous fluids” “All of our doctors are nothing but drug pushers” “Never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person” “Vaccination is really a time bomb within the human system” “Modern Medicine is a business, not a profession” “Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, chairman of the commission for improving health care” AMA “horror stories of what’s going on in the hospitals” “Allopathy replaced homeopathy and naturopathy” “Abraham Flexner” “Carnegie Institution” “The school of allopathy depends upon the use of lots of drugs and radical surgery” “The homeopathic school was replaced by the Rockefellers simply because they wanted a bigger market for their drug trust” “Morris Bealle” “Rockefellers’ allopathy has caused a deterioration of general health conditions” “The


Ready Pac Foods recalls packaged fruit products for possible salmonella

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Ready Pac Foods Inc. of Irwindale, Calif., is voluntarily recalling, out of an abundance of caution, packaged fruit products containing mangoes, distributed through August 30th 2012, with Use-by Dates as listed here since they contain Daniella Brand …
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BOSTON (AP) – A Massachusetts drug lab was shut down Thursday after police say they discovered a chemist failed to follow testing protocols, potentially exposing thousands of convictions to legal challenges. The lab was involved in certifying drug …


House raid results in probation sentence

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McCook Daily Gazette. McCOOK, Nebraska — A McCook man arrested in February as part of a joint operation that involved several law enforcement departments, including an agent from Homeland Security, was sentenced to probation last week in Red Willow …
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