Embrace Recovery Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County, CA. Offers Family Counseling


Embrace Recovery Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County, CA. offers Family Counseling – Living with and loving a person who is addicted to alcohol and/or drugs can be a painful, terrifying and lonely experience. At Embrace Recovery, the preeminent addiction recovery center in Orange County, California, the friends and family of the individual recovering from drug and alcohol dependency and abuse are offered tailor-made counseling and treatment intervention to help them cope with their experiences dealing with their loved one’s addiction and to aid in preparing them for their loved one’s path through the recovery process. In this video, Marriage and Family therapist, Rosemary Kane, one of the highly trained professionals providing support and counseling at Embrace Recovery, explains how the family and friends of an addict can lose sight of their own needs and abandon their own lives when coping with the addiction of their loved one. The family treatment program at Embrace Recovery is designed to address this and other issues within the family, and provide unparalleled support for those supporting the recovering individual. If you or someone you care about is suffering from substance abuse or dependency, don’t hesitate to call Embrace recovery today. The outstanding staff at Embrace Recovery offer a free and confidential assessment of the situation and can provide customized treatment recommendations for not only the person using the substance, but those whose lives are directly affected by them; their friends and family. Embrace Recovery serves the greater


HealthWatch: The cost of rehab

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When it comes to paying for drug and alcohol rehab, there are options. You can pay outright at a private clinic, let your insurance defray some of the cost, or you can check into a public facility where treatment is almost entirely free, or free. How …
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Dr. James Broadhurst: 'Sham' medical marijuana program would lead to

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As a licensed physician in Massachusetts, trained in family medicine, sports medicine, and addiction medicine, Question 3 puts me in a mess: I am supposed to make a professional judgment about whether the benefits of using marijuana outweigh the risks …
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Octomom rehab bombshell: Nadya Suleman seeks help for addiction

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Sources confirm Nadya Suleman checked herself into the Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center in Southern California days ago to deal with her prescription drug addiction problem. Reportedly, Octomom is in rehab for a month to cope with depression, …
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