Easy 10 Points! Does Anyone Know What I Can Teach to Elementary School Students About Drug Abuse Prevention?

Question by lolli: Easy 10 points! Does anyone know what i can teach to elementary school students about drug abuse prevention?
I need some fun activities to keep them entertained, these activities shouldn’t be too complicated, at least easy enough for kindergarten kids to understand. they would have to send out a clear message too! were trying to teach them about preventing drug abuse! thankyou!

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Answer by R_J_300
You can teach them using toys they like. For example like if barbie or the toy car use this in example to the drug how it can harm them the same could happen to you.

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SWAT Substance Abuse Prevention Video Contest 2012 – Maggie Narvil, Allison Scheman, and Carley English (Chestatee Academy SWAT members) participating in a video contest for the Drug Free Coalition of Hall County. FACE IT PEOPLE


From Twitter:

NH receives .6M grant drug, alcohol abuse prevention http://t.co/ozMUeKdK – by counselinginfo (Addiction Counseling)


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I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album “Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness Prevention Project 2012″ http://t.co/79eaPMSJ – by AlabamaABC (Alabama ABC Board)


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It’s October- National Month for Drug Abuse Prevention, Domestic Violence Awareness, Bullying Prevention and… http://t.co/sc6gKQnX – by OCSD (OC Sheriff, CA)


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