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Washington has become a major transshipment area for the drugs being smuggled. Various factors like the presence of a big network of highways, proximity to Canada and an extensive coastline contribute to the availability of all types of illicit drugs in the state. Presence of drugs has led to the growth of motorcycle and street gangs and drug traffickers. This has also led to the increase of violence, prostitution, gang wars, crime, money laundering, bulk currency smuggling, and inner city poverty.

The Federal authorities and the DEA had 947 Methamphetamine labs confiscated in 2004. DEA Mobile Enforcement teams and DEA regional Enforcement Teams were developed to target the drug organizations in the USA, where there is derth of local drug law enforcement. The Seattle Met worked in the enforcement of law agencies in various Washington cities. 683.43 pounds of Cocaine, 18480.48 pounds of Marijuana, 53.13 pounds of Heroin, 160.93 pounds of Methamphetamine and 162,661 tablets of Ecstasy were seized by Federal agencies. In the following year, 921 deaths were induced by drugs out of which 139 were cases of suicide.

The legislature of Washington has taken certain legal steps on money laundering that is related to drug trafficking. Businesses that are based on cash incentives such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and casinos, shipping industry, tourism have all been exposed to drug money at some point of time. The laws are formulated to keep a check on the financial exchanges. According to the law, banks are required to notify the authorities about any type of large transfer of wealth or money.

Washington has progressively reformed the drug laws in the state. Several reforms such as legalization of medical marijuana, decriminalizing of the possession and sale of syringes etc have been formulated. Strict steps have been taken against the convicts held as drug offenders for life. They have been denied of foot-stamp benefits. Again, non-violent offenders of drugs have been given reduced periods of imprisonment and the money that is saved from it is being used to fund various programs for drug treatment.

Prolonged use and use in huge quantity of drugs can lead to toxic effects on the heart, liver, brains, lungs and kidneys. Various measures and steps have been taken to curtail the abuse of drugs and eradicate the evil from society. Prevention programs that are run in schools have cut down the use of drugs among youth, especially among those who have not yet become heavy users. A decrease of 22% is observed in drug use, under the drug treatment programs that are evidence-based. The programs of Needle-Exchange have reduced cases of HIV and Hepatitis among drug users.

Three types of Drug Rehab programs are being followed in the United States, namely the 12 step drug rehab program, bio-physical/social drug rehab program, and religious drug rehab program or long-term work camps. The first one does not have any medical or scientific input, whereas the second one is purely science based. The third program was specially devised for those who quit hard drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine, Crack and Myth. Some insurance companies in Washington have stepped forward to help the drug abusers by lending them money for the first few weeks of rehab programs.

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