Drug Rehab?

Question by tell: Drug Rehab?
So my husband is ready for rehab. He abuses his prescription medication, and takes pills that are also not prescribed to him. However He is worried about going to a inpaitent rehab due to me not being able to pay the bills alone and we have two kids. I was wondering how successful is outpaitent rehab and is it just as effective and inpaitent?
To Douglas, He himself made the choice to go to rehab, he actually told me I could go live with his mom if worst come to worst. I myself are also worried about the bills and just wonder this question too.

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Answer by angel_luvz_bert
i went to an inpaitent and it was the best thing i ever did and i dont think outpaitent are as effective becuz u can still get to the drugs when ur in u cant get to them

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