Drug Abuse vs. Pain Management


Drug Abuse vs. Pain Management – Dr. Howard Heit describes how good pain management has been hindered due to increasing use and misuse of opiate medications. Dr. Heit argues that addiction is a medical condition that is separate from pain and that the growth of addiction should not hinder pain management for patients. This clip was excerpted from a talk given at “The New Understanding of Pain” program. The program was put on by the National Press Foundation in collaboration with The America Public Health Association and was supported by PriCara and the NPF Program Fund. For more information, visit our website at www.nationalpress.org.


Carolyn Livengood: Flag ceremony at Golden Gate National Cemetery in San

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The presentation, part of the museum's monthly Courthouse Docket program, is sponsored by Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation and is free to the public with the price of admission to the museum: $ 5 for an adult, $ 3 for seniors and students. For more …
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California's Prop 34: Yes or no, the death penalty remains

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Through his personal spirituality and recovery from drug addiction, Bobby had transformed himself into a kind, gentle and caring man, one who bore no resemblance to the drug-crazed killer who had been sentenced to death. Although he was an intensely …
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Texas Blinks in Standoff; Sandy's Unequal Effect

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At least nine Iranian female political prisoners have gone on a hunger strike to protest body searches and abuse by prison guards at the main prison in Tehran, according to an Iranian opposition website, The Washington Post reported Nov. 1. John Koster …
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