Donna’s Story of Addiction Part 1 of 2


Donna’s Story of Addiction Part 1 of 2 – After four years in recovery, Donna discusses her life before she got things under control. She lived a pretty normal life until she got to college, where the freedoms afforded there led her straight to drug addiction. Please subscribe! To learn more about The Second Road and how this online community can aid you in your recovery from addiction, please visit our website:


College Students Enhance Academic Performance by Listening to Brain Shift

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ADHD prescription drug abuse among college students is a known concern among campus officials. The percentages vary, yet … Students use these `smart` drugs to improve their concentration, help them cram for exams, and enhance their overall academic …
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Drug court keeps clients on track

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SOUTH BEND — Pacific County's Drug Court gives certain people charged with drug offenses a chance to have the charges dismissed. Those who go through regular criminal court face the possibility of a felony conviction. It takes plenty of support to …
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Maryland's Greg Merson wins World Series of Poker, overcoming addiction

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At the other: Jesse Sylvia, a 26-year-old poker pro from Martha's Vineyard. And in the middle, in a Baltimore Orioles jersey, sat Laurel's very own Greg Merson, a 24-year-old University of Maryland dropout who'd overcome drug addiction and parental …
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