Do I Stand Any Chance at Getting Into Graduate School With My Undergrad Record?

Question by Arrayah: Do I stand any chance at getting into graduate school with my undergrad record?
I am a current senior (well 5th year student to be exact) and I have a not so pretty looking transcript. I tried to attend college fresh out of high school in 1999 but I met a guy that I thought was “all that” but later that guy got me into the drug scene and I was really quite hooked. I ended up having to withdraw from all of my courses so that I could go into an intensive year long treatment program. After I was clean for 3 years I finally went back to college and I made good marks- a 3.5 average all the way up until 2nd semester of last year. I became very ill with a rare neurological disorder which I was being treated for and was doing fine in my classes, but then my insurance cut me off and I couldn’t be seen by any doctor anymore. It was too late into the semester to drop the courses so I stuck it out but I wasn’t doing very hot. I ended up getting a D+ for the final grade in intermediate inferential statistics- an important course in my Psychology program, especially since I want to go into a Masters Program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I finally got approved for a better student insurance program and they are covering my costs. I am doing better both physically and mentally and I just took some summer classes (2 courses) and got A’s in both. I am retaking the stat course and expect to get at least a B this time. Can I explain this well enough and still get into grad school, or am I completely ruined?

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Answer by Bill
Programs exist that accept you with any degree or GPA eg Harvard extension school:

Of course most of the schools that will accept you with any GPA are not as prestigious as Harvard, but you will be able ot get into a school for sure.


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