Christian Rehab Offers Advice to Christians in Alabama


Christian Rehab offers advice to Christians in Alabama – Christian rehab program located in Delray Beach,Florida is offering advice to Christians in need of drug and alcohol treatment. Addiction and treatment are no easy task to face. Addiction causes great harm to families mentally, emotionally and treatment can harm them financially. It is important that the right treatment program is selected for the individual who is suffering with addiction. There are too many addicts and alcoholics that bounce from one treatment center to another, costing families their life savings and homes. Transformations Treatment Center wants clients to complete a 30 to 90 days drug and alcohol treatment program and come back to aftercare groups 3 times a week at no additional cost to the family. We know that addiction and alcoholism can be draining to say the least. The aftercare plan on one year free group therapy is designed to encourage clients to remain clean and sober a full year. We know statistically speaking, if they achieve one year of sobriety, they have a greater chance of long term success. Come to Transformations, start you life over. You deserve to live life clean and happy. So does your family.


Addicted pharmacists find road back behind the counter

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Pharmacists can rattle them off the top of their heads, familiar polysyllabic terms, Phendimetrazine, Adder, Hydrocarbon, Boycotting, Dilaudid, Morphine, Methadone, Codeine, drugs frequently abused by the public – and by their colleagues, fellow …
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Ex-LSU star Mathieu arrested, faces marijuana charge

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Former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu faces more trouble. According to WAFB-TV and the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Mathieu and three other former LSU football players were arrested Thursday in Baton Rouge, La., on drug-related charges. … for failing …
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LSU visits dangerous Texas A&M, South Carolina limps into Gainesville, to play

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LSU visits dangerous Texas A&M, South Carolina limps into Gainesville, to play Florida, Alabama visits Tennessee, Texas Tech takes on TCU …. Klein is a valuable to his team, as former chemist Annie Dookin was, to a bogus drug conviction in …
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