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Christian Drug Rehab Center – Step 2 – Christian drug rehab center – Step 2 to successful recovery (877) 231-1827 The Recovery Place Christian alcohol and drug rehab program utilizes the 12 Steps to recovery by implementing each step’s significance within addiction recovery. Charlotte, clinician in the Christian drug and alcohol rehab program at The Recovery Place, talks about step 2 from the Christian 12 steps to recovery. Step 2 denotes the hope in God’s ability to restore one to sanity—from the insanity of active addiction. Addicts find themselves repeating their self-destructive patterns, knowing the outcome, and without God’s word it’s nearly impossible to escape the disease. The Recovery Place Christian program uses traditional therapy methods alongside faith based addiction treatment with a client-centered approach to provide the most successful addiction treatment available.


Pulled Back From the Brink

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Christ Against Drug Abuse Ministry (CADAM), a non-governmental organization under the auspices of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, recently graduated over thirty rehabilitated alcoholics, drug addicts and people living with all forms of addiction …


Rodney King Autopsy Reveals Accidental Drowning, Drugs

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He even appeared on VH1's television series "Celebrity Rehab" to battle his addictions last year, but the counseling did little to help. In 1991, Los Angeles police were caught on tape beating King, which resulted in deadly riots as well as the …
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Josh and Katy Vander Kamp met in drug rehab. In the seven years since, they have been rebuilding …. Christian, who is on parole until May 2013, filed to have his rights restored though he knew he was ineligible. His rejection letter came in the mail …
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