Can You Really Put Someone in Alabama in Rehab With 3 Signatures?

Question by Mrs.Reymond: Can you really put someone in alabama in rehab with 3 signatures?
My dad has a really bad drinking problem and he is really bad on pot he has been this was for 20 years and we are all really worried about him he drinks 2 gallons of vodka a day plus beer in between.. He smokes ALOT of pot too and I think he is also doing other drugs but pot being the main one I have always heard all you need is three signatures to sign them into rehab to get help but I dont know how to go about it.

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Answer by Mister Terrific
See if you can’t get someone from social services in AL to advise you. I kind of think the “three signatures” thing is urban legend…unless you’re talking about the signatures of a judge (or three), a doctor, and a cop…or something like that.

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