Can My Insurance Cover an Inpatient Addiction Program 100% ?

Question by khamla95: Can my insurance cover an inpatient addiction program 100% ?
I have Aetna insurance under my father, and last night i got ahold of a drug treatment facility to check into an inpatient rehab clinic for my prescription drug addiction. The woman gave me lots of info and took my insurance and called the insurance company to get an approval and when she called back today she said they will cover the 28-day inpatient program 100% with no expense to me, (The Holistic Addiction Treatment Center that is shown on shows like intervention and such…) she even said they would cover the flight to the center (It is in florida and I am located in Ohio where there are no covered treatment centers)

Does this sound correct to you?

I am very excited to take this offer, I am just afraid of having to pay co-pays or something or the flight…this is a really good opportunity for me
Thanks ! Ill just have to trust what the center spokeswoman told me : ) I feel very fortunate that i have insurance this year so I’ll be able to get help and make a change , my luck seems to be turning around

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Answer by Amin K
She apparently has researched this and you should feel confident in the information that she has given you.

I highly commend you on your desire to rehab from prescription drugs. This is a difficult decision to make when you are so hooked on drugs that many time you are not able to live without them in your life.

Congratulations on this decision. I wish you all of the best in your future conquest.

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