BryanLGH Raising Funds for Independence Center


BryanLGH raising funds for Independence Center – BryanLGH is raising funds for the Independence Center – a substance abuse and mental health facility – the entire state of Nebraska and surrounding areas will benefit from the new center. The statewide fundraising campaign, called the Fine Line, is set to raise .5 million dollars. BryanLGH will match the .5 million raised to build a 5-million dollar, 36000 square foot structure, to provide the most comprehensive substance abuse and mental health services in the state of Nebraska.


St. Louis police report

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CHILD ABUSE: Police arrested a man for assaulting a 6-year-old girl between 2 pm March 12 and 8 am March 13 in the 3800 block of Nebraska Avenue. He was arrested on March 17. DRUG POSSESSION/FIREARM POSSESSION: Police arrested a man for possession of a …


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