Are There Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Oakmont, Pennsylvania for Prescription Drug Addicts?

Question by clare r: Are there substance abuse treatment centers in Oakmont, Pennsylvania for prescription drug addicts?
A friend of mine is asking for my help because her mom is suffering from a case of prescription drug addiction. I never really thought that people can get addicted to prescription drugs. I really want to help them out.

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When a person increases dosage of a drug even though it was not advised by a doctor, and that person keeps on taking that drug, there is a chance of him developing a tolerance for the drug and this can lead him to become addicted. I’m glad that you’re there for your friend and her mom. Tell your friend that she can take her mom to a doctor. The doctor will know what to do then. Or, she can use the links below to find substance abuse treatment centers that her mom can go to.

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