AOD Initiatives at SDSU


AOD Initiatives at SDSU – Jim Lange is the coordinator for alcohol and other drug initiates for SDSU. In that role he has helped develop a number of programs for their students to help them stay away from alcohol and drugs. They are striving to do everything they can to provide a safe and healthy environment so the students can accomplish their goals and get through their college career. One of their biggest programs is ‘Aztec Nights’, which has several free programs they do late at night focusing on the first 5 weeks of the semester. Other programs are designed to reduce access to alcohol for underage students, drinking responsibly for those over 21 and programs that minimize Illegal drug use on and around the campus. Together with those 3 elements and the support of the community they are helping to limit the amount of alcohol and drugs that the students are exposed to. With the AOD initiatives reductions in the number of alcohol-related violations to their policies have gone down substantially over the last 2 years, and more freshmen say they are staying away from alcohol. Some find it surprising but SDSU has almost always had a heavy drinking rate that is lower than the national average, and their students do not abuse drugs higher than the national average. Alcohol and drug issues at colleges are related to age, and as people get older you do see a lot of these issues disappear. James Lange is the chairman for SDSU’s Alcohol and Other Drug Initiatives, or AOD Initiatives, an initiative that


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Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell says there is increasing pressure on treatment services, particularly those for young people, and raising the age to 20 would have been a move in the right direction to deal with binge drinking. Canterbury …
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