Any Suggestions for Good Drug Rehab in Florida?

Question by Elysnoss: Any suggestions for good drug rehab in Florida?
I’m looking for a drug rehab in florida.
Any place that would let me bring along my laptop would be a definite win.
Any place that’ll allow 2 family members at the same rehab is also a plus but not as important.

Just looking for a decent place that would allow me to use my laptop sometimes.

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Answer by WATCH DOG
This one will but if you live in north west Florida you may not want to travel.}{

Luxury Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment in Florida
In addition to traditional drug rehab programs, the Delray Beach, Florida facilities offers alternative treatments for all forms of addiction and support services … – Cached

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Florida Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab: Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches – Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is one of the country’s few true Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers. Located in the beautiful Florida Palm Beaches providing successful drug and alcohol rehab treatment for over 15 years!


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