Alcohol and Drug Addiction Educational PSA Video


Alcohol and Drug Addiction Educational PSA Video – Anti-Alcohol Video PSA. Public domain public service announcement. Alcoholism is a chronic disease that makes your body dependent on alcohol. You may be obsessed with alcohol and unable to control how much you drink, even though your drinking is causing serious problems with your relationships, health, work and finances. It’s possible to have a problem with alcohol, but not display all the characteristics of alcoholism. This is known as alcohol abuse, which means you engage in excessive drinking that causes health or social problems, but you aren’t dependent on alcohol and haven’t fully lost control over the use of alcohol. Although many people assume otherwise, alcoholism is a treatable disease. Medications, counseling and self-help groups are among the therapies that can provide ongoing support to help you recover from alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease. It is often diagnosed more through behaviors and adverse effects on functioning than by specific medical symptoms. Only 2 of the diagnostic criteria are physiological (those are tolerance changes and withdrawal symptoms). Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are associated with a broad range of medical, psychiatric, social, legal, occupational, economic, and family problems. For example, parental alcoholism underlies many family problems such as divorce, spouse abuse, child abuse and neglect, welfare dependence, and criminal behaviors, according to government sources.


NIH Backs Off Plan to Merge Addiction Institutes

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In a surprising move, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has backed off of a controversial plan to merge its two institutes that study drug abuse and alcohol addiction. NIH Director Francis Collins said today that the agency will instead work on …
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Instead of telling teens to 'Just Say No," program helps them make their own

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It has been endorsed by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. Independent studies done at the University of Iowa and University of Arizona show the program significantly decreases substance use of adolescents and improves their …


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