Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Vital Information on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

In the present society alcohol and drug abuse has become one of the major issues that need to be tackled. Alcoholism has affected lives of people of different age groups. The number of affected is more among teenagers and several organizations and social welfare groups are trying to resolve this issue.

Society including parents, guardian and the government must have a close look at this issue and must wake up to their responsibilities. Alcoholism is curable and the treatment offered to recover from this condition does not have any side effects.

New and innovative approach to treat alcohol and drug abuse at the treatment centers is widely embraced due to the success rate. It saves the lives of many addicts and the treatment is individualized to meet the needs of the patient.

One of the main reasons for cause of alcohol and drug abuse is peer pressure. It is more prevalent among teenagers and also in some cases adults as the pressure from friends make the person get into the habit. Teenagers must be constantly monitored by parents who must ensure that they do not mix up with the wrong group of friends. If the teenager can be monitored then he or she will have very remote possibility of getting into undesirable habits. Once they get into the habit of consuming alcohol then he or she is at a risk of addiction, abuse and dependence. The individual’s action will be controlled by alcohol and they require immediate treatment to recover from it.

The other reason for alcohol and drug abuse is due to curiosity. Several addicts accept that their curiosity led them to their present condition. The initial curiosity to know what drinks are all about leads them gradually into the habit and some of them get hooked.

Parents of teenagers must explain to their children and educate them on why they must not try to give in to their curiosity. Parents must also answer all questions raised by their children on this subject. It is vital for them to know that alcohol and drugs can permanently damage the brain and result in impaired functioning for life. The body too will be damaged and the consequences are very tough. If a teenager knows the consequences he is better armed to withstand the influence.

The other major reason for alcohol and drug abuse is the media as young minds are attracted and mesmerized by the advertisements. They try to emulate and get hooked on to vices. This makes them indulge in drugs and alcohol along with their friends. A parent’s role is very important in monitoring and educating their children on the consequences of alcohol consumption in excess.

Several families have lost their loved ones due to drug and alcohol abuse and marriages have broken up too. Knowing about such dangers of broken homes could help restrain thoughts of excessive consumption.

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