Addiction Specialists Address the Addicted Brain


Addiction Specialists Address The Addicted Brain – Addiction recovery can address the addicted brain with evidence-based neurofeedback. BrainPaint uses the exact protocols demonstrated in a UCLA addiction study to improve the odds of long-term recovery by 77%.


Young adults seeking drug addiction treatment hits record low

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In 2011/12, 4,690 adults aged between 18 and 24 entered treatment for heroin or crack addiction, down from 6,108 the previous year and almost a third of the 12,320 young adults who entered treatment for either drug in 2005/06. The over-40s is the only …


8 warning signs your teen may be abusing prescription drugs

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Gavin, like a growing number of teenagers I treat, was an in-the-closet pill addict who innocently fell into the black hole of drug addiction after getting prescribed pain pills following a knee procedure his junior year. … Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is …
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