Addiction? Drugs to Christian Help?

Question by a2z_4me: Addiction? Drugs to Christian Help?
Addicts are just so crazy. My friend broke his drug habit and now acts just as crazy with his new found christian life. He wants to start his own church with his new radical friends. Is there any difference from drugs to this? No

Is there anything you can do for someone like this. He is unbearable now as when on drugs.
ok, im not selling him out, he just wants to non stop preach. You can not even slip a dam in without a lecture. He is on a crusade to find out what the errors are of every religion and wants to open arguements with everyone. I would not even be surprized if I found out he was doing animal sacrifice. Yes I am a freind, but this is way out there…

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Answer by dillingere_p
And you are obviously very supportive of him. You said you were his friend. Act more like a true friend, and less of a sell-out. You don’t need to do drugs to go to Hell.

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REAL LIFE GOD STORIES – CHRISTIAN TESTIMONIES – “REAL HELP FOR DRUG ADDICTION” – By: Dave Greathouse – Please be sensitive to the Lord regarding sharing this video with someone ELSE who could benefit from watching it, or you think might be willing to forward it to others to give it greater awareness. Thanks There is one vitally important key in seeing someone you love get delivered from an addiction and/or come to the Lord, and that is to unite with like believers and lift that person up regularly in prayer, as Laura did on behalf of Dave. However long it takes … KEEP praying! To read Dave’s testimony: To view a list of all video testimonies Precious Testimonies has produced: If you would like to learn more about the non-denominational ministry of PRECIOUS TESTIMONIES, please be encouraged to click on the following link: Did God DIE? Hear how it happened on this link


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