7 Step Method to Quit Drinking (Alcohol Rehab Program: Day 1)


7 Step Method to Quit Drinking (Alcohol Rehab Program: Day 1) – Free Ebook: www.HighsteadAlcoholTreatment.com www.HighsteadAlcoholTreatment.com Alcohol rehab video introduces 7 step process to quit drinking, end alcohol abuse, stop binge-drinking or break any bad habit or addiction. Before checking into any alcohol rehab or treatment facility, and to learn how to stop drinking alcohol, visit http to get help with any drinking problem.


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21 Responses to 7 Step Method to Quit Drinking (Alcohol Rehab Program: Day 1)

  • amberenae72591 says:

    Wow. I’ve been searching for? this for quite a while now. I have finally found someone who understands what I’m going through. Thank you so much for posting this!

  • IllinoisPawnShop says:

    im gunna try this tommorow? when i am sober cuz i can’t consintrate right now , thanks buddy !

  • zeus7623 says:

    I am considered a functional alck. Though it is being more and more apparent. I attempted cold turkey and drank on day 14. He is correct about positive mental attitude. AA is a room of? defeated losers who are attempting to be positive. For me, drinking is something that supplements my life that simply could be without alcohol. I need more hobbies outside of work. Good luck to others who struggle as well.

  • hashmonster2004 says:

    alchohol develops a physical dependance that means if you suddenly stop your intake you may have serious consequences to your health.
    always speak to a specialist like a doctor to start with.?

  • hashmonster2004 says:

    great video thank you so much for uploading.
    i am sick to death of watching my dear mother drink herself to death on a daily basis from sun up to sun down the alchohol rules her life.
    i am at a total loss on how? to get her to stop drinking herself to death…. i just dont want to see my mum drinking anymore enough is enough.

  • libraryservices says:

    I made it three days without drinking and I broke last night…. This? is so much harder than I thought… *sigh*

  • mobilestrikeforce1 says:

    I think your job is safe.?

  • Lisa Marie Reynolds says:

    I find Alcoholics Anonymous very helpful. I have been sober 2 months now thanks to AA. There are people I do not get on with in the fellowship, but I am only there for? my self. Nothing else has worked for me!

  • awestruck678 says:

    I’m 14.

    I quit smoking? and drinking. It’s not that hard…

  • justuslightworkers says:

    Well good for you. The problem isn’t the ALCOHOL as much as it is the ADDICTION that many people are prone to. Not everybody, mind you, but many. It is overdrinking and alcoholism that is dangerous to the point where those people need to stop. If you are able to handle alcohol in moderation, then like I said, good for you. glad you have? a job.

  • Emily Leung says:

    I’ll? pray for you pal

  • alexxa24575 says:

    i really wanna stop drinking i hate how i act and all the stupid things i do. i? went a week without a drink and then i thought i could just drink a couple of beers but i ended up getting drunk..its not fun anymore i dont drink just to have a good time i drink to get wasted and i wake up hungover and il continue drinking and i dont wanna do this anymore 🙁

  • Scottles293 says:

    know exactly what? thats like its the worst

  • SheedaBihacC1 says:

    obviously u are very smart,? prooven with that comment

  • bsrulez101 says:

    you are a boss. i havent got to drinking yet but with your principle about addiction i have? quit smoking and cut down on my cocaine use alot and hoping to quit completley soon. thanks for the help

  • XxyoungreckxX says:

    Hey I ass hole I work for a brewery so alcohol really is my living so stop telling people to stop telling people to stop drinking I? drink everyday and I love it…..

  • gabigowriel says:

    it’s VERY hard to stop drinking although ONLY US can make the right/good decision to let the bottle THERE and not take it and drink it…Although,speaking for myself,I should REALLY STOP DRINKING…
    Police are sick of me(and the HUGE FINES wich I will probably never be able to pay),I don’t have any friends for a looong time now,family?!…what family…The real problem is that I’M SICK OF THIS HYPOCRITE WORLD,wich never gave me the response for:WHY DO I EXIST? ON THIS WORLD?That’s the “problem”!

  • aaaaaaaaaa8920 says:

    Excellent? stuff!

  • Jason Viens says:

    I just wrote a song about AA and my struggle with? alcoholism. its on my page called “Mind? of an addict”

  • 74koinz says:

    it’s stopped being fun I used to be in shape I was in school? now nothing this sucks

  • Kristin Eggers says:

    I’ve been drinking regularly since about 15 and now im 18 and i feel like i have a problem but i cant see i life without drinking. when im sober i feel like i dont have a problem but when im drinkin i know i need help. what should i do

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